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The Three Box System Notion Template

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The Three Box System Notion Template

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“A system doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. It just has to work.” - Jeff Goins

Most writers struggle with writing because they don’t have an effective system.

This used to be me: I would wake up in the morning, grab my cup of coffee, sit down at my desk to write, and nothing would happen.

Then, my daughters would wake up, and there I was, nothing to show for my writing time and frustration.

How to Overcome Resistance or Writer’s Block

The fact that I didn’t get anything done didn’t have to do with my motivation or my lack of ideas. I have tons of ideas and motivation.

This is true for you too.

The reason why most writers struggle to write something is that they don’t have a simple system to help them get started.

Yes, the goal is to write.

Yes, the goal is to publish.

Yes, the goal is to grow.

But, those things don’t happen if you don’t break down your writing process. You won’t write, publish, or grow.

The Three Box System

I use the three-box system to capture ideas, which I turn into writing, which I edit, and then I can publish. This system has changed everything in my life.

  1. Now, I never run out of ideas.
  2. I have all my drafts in one spot.
  3. And, I can easily edit too.

Ultimately, this system helps me write on multiple platforms to the toon of over 1,500 pieces of online content and four #1 Bestselling books!

Now, you can use my exact system with the exact Notion Template I use for my writing.

Now is the time to get moving and start writing great content and publishing books!

Grab your Three Box System Notion Template Today!

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You will get the exact system I use to write my online content and even my #1 bestselling books!

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